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Terrace Aqua

The composition is used for treatment of wooden products and structures: terraces, decks, walkways and other horizontal surfaces, as well as railings, stairs, fences, and so on. It is used for heat-treated, previously treated with oil or impregnated under pressure timber, as well as for untreated wood of all species. Do not use for painted surfaces.

The main difference AURA Terrace Aqua from the existing AURA Terrace - it is environmentally friendly for the same price! Distinguishing features of AURA Terrace Aqua - It is environmentally friendly due to water emulsion of alkyds. No organic solvents! - Anti-slip additive. A special wax is directed not at polishing, but on the contrary - at resistance to movement - non-slip effect (decrease of a surface slipperiness). This effect can be seen for example in sports centres, shopping malls, etc. This feature is important because the product is mostly recommended for horizontal terraces and decks. Other characteristics are similar to AURA Terrace.